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Anonymous: It will soon don't worry ~Harry

Even though the baby hasn’t started kicking it sure does like to use my blatter as a pillow. *giggles*

October 19th
Anonymous: Your going to be an amazing mother ~Harry

I hope so. *smiles* I can’t wait to be able to feel the baby kicking.

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Anonymous: You also need to take care of yourself not just the baby love and don't forget that ~Harry

I won’t. Im just nervous thats all. Ive never had this type of responsibility.

October 19th
Anonymous: That's why I'm here to help you to ~Harry

I know and Im happy you are. *smiles* Its just that there is a person inside of me so I really want to take good care of it.

October 19th
Anonymous: Jayne. Baby. You have been taking care of yourself so much since you found out you were pregnant and I'm so proud of you * smiles and kisses the top of your nose * the baby is going to be perfect ~Harry

*smiles from your kiss* I know. You’re probably right. I just can’t help but worry. *lets out a quiet sigh* Anything I do wrong could harm the baby. All the the responsibility is on me. *runs one of my hands up my shirt, rubbing my stomach*

October 19th
Anonymous: Love why * pushes your hair behind your ear * ~Harry

Because I just want the baby to be healthy. Im always afraid that Im gonna do something to mess this pregnancy up. *starts to get a little upset* I don’t want to find out from the doctor that the baby isn’t growing properly.

October 19th
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Harry Styles Alphabet

A - Abs

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the cutest human being

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Anonymous: Well I'll always be yours and there's don't worry love ~Harry

*smiles from what you said* Harry Im getting really nervous about the doctor appointment.

October 19th


that girl you just called fat? who cares about her backstory, you just shouldn’t be a dick to people
like do we really need a tragic story to get people to stop being mean to each other wtf

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Anonymous: * laughs * I would never want them to get hurt ~Harry

I wouldn’t either. You have to be their protector. *smiles* And mine.

October 19th
Anonymous: Good because I like being rough with you * smirks * ~Harry

I do too. *smiles and rubs your sides* But you can’t when I have your baby inside me.

October 19th
Anonymous: * frowns and releases my grip on you * sorry ~Harry

Its ok. *smiles and reaches up, quickly pecking your lips* Before you know it this baby will be born and you can be rough with me again.

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